The theme for the 2015 Architecture Lecture Series is Engaging Public Space.

Institutional buildings offer a unique opportunity for the public to engage with architecture. Libraries, churches, airports and museums give designers a chance to create venues for people to wander, explore, and contemplate. In these types of spaces, the public is free from the contract of consumerism found in places of commerce. Institutional spaces can be egalitarian, where design is for everyone to enjoy – a platform to initiate social activity and facilitate community. The issue of well-designed public interior and exterior space is particularly pertinent to cold climate places like Newfoundland and Labrador. Public space can be considered the singular venue for the public sphere in cities such as St. John’s or Labrador City where the people are governed by the unpredictable climate. This lecture series invites lecturers to share their experiences in designing for the public by bringing their ideas to the community. In doing so, this discussion connects Newfoundland and Labrador to the broader context of design of public spaces at a national and international scale. This year’s lecturers include:


October 15, 2015          7:30 PM           LSPU Hall

Steve McFarlane  |  omb (office of mcfarlane biggar architects + designers)
Vancouver, BC


November 5, 2015          7:30 PM           LSPU Hall

Brigitte Shim |  Shim Sutcliffe Architects
Toronto, ON


December 2, 2015          7:30 PM           LSPU Hall

Morten Schmidt |  Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Copenhagen, DN